Active Optical Devices

Furukawa Electric is one of leading supplies of pump laser modules and signal laser modules in the world. By utilizing our proven capabilities in manufacturing, Furukawa FITEL produces a wide range of pump laser and signal laser products with outstanding characteristics and reliability. 

14xx-nm and 980-nm Pump Laser Diode Modules

Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) manufactures wide range of pump laser products with outstanding characteristics and reliability. FITEL is known as the market-leading brand for 1480/14xx-nm pump laser diode modules that has 500 mW operating power with 2.8 FITs field reliability. For Raman application, various wavelength that covers S-,C- and L-band can be selected. 980-nm pump lasers emit high optical power up to 550 mW. Polarization maintaining fiber(PMF) pigtail is implemented to achieve excellent stability of output power and spectrum.

900-nm Multimode Laser Module

900-nm multimode  laser diodes module is developed and manufactured to accommodate wide-ranging industrial fields such as processing, printing, welding, and medical care, as a pumping light source for fiber lasers. The module incorporating multiple 900-nm multimode laser diode can achieve high output power over 50W.        

Full Band Tunable DFB Laser Module    

Full-Band Tunable DFB laser module is a wavelength selected signal lasers designed to cover ITU-T recommended wavelengths of C-band or L-band for long haul DWDM applications. Thermally tunable DFB laser diode chip consisting of DFB laser array and semiconductor optical amplifier enables a narrow linewidth and a high output power upto 40 mW. The hermetically-sealed laser module complies with telecom requirements described in Telcordia GR-468 and is available as standard 26-pin butterfly or micro-TOSA package.    

ITLA and Micro ITLA


Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA)  with Full-Band Tunable DFB laser module mounted on its control circuit board is a key component for long haul DWDM applications. Reduced-form-factor micro-ITLA has recently been launched recently to be accommodated as a signal source or a local oscillator for ultrahigh-speed optical digital coherent transmission devices operating at 100 gigabits. The ITLAs which form factor and command interface are compliance with the OIF OIF-ITLA-MSA-01.2 and OIF-microITLA-01.0 have precise wavelength selection according to ITU-T grid with 0.1GHz spaced wavelength allocation.

Compact Parallel Optical Transmission Module (Optical Engine)

Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) is manufacturing the compact parallel optical engine which is mounted in active optical cable (AOC)  for optical interconnects (optical data transmission between cabinets or between boards such as in a data center). The optical engine realizes transmission capacity of 12.5 Gbps x 12ch by using a low electric power consumption 850-nm or 1060-nm band VCSEL and PD array pair. Recently, 12.5 Gbps x 4ch transceiver has also been released.


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