Happy Workplace Activities

We have continued to facilitate and create happy environment, nice welfare and good relationship among employees.

Happy Body 

Enjoy good health in one’s body and one’s mind.

Happy Heart & Happy Society 

We have continued to conduct social contribution activities that are rooted in the local community. Going forward, we will strengthen these actions further along the three dimensions of nurturing future generations, promoting sport and culture, and living in harmony with the natural environment and local communities.

Factory visitor for university students 

Donation Activities   

Donations to other foundations that support children, elderly people.  Blood donation 

Happy Relax

New Year & Farewell Party Company Trip 

Happy Brain

We are undertaking initiatives that further management's aim of training human resources suited to steadily execute Furukawa Electric Group reforms. We have prepared a number of learning opportunities, including conducting training courses and e-learning and supporting efforts to earn qualifications

Internal and external Training , Training in Japan, Site Visit and other learning and development opportunities. 

Happy Soul

Make merit and give donations to Buddhist monks. Dhamma Lecture

Happy Money 

Manage personal finance well.

Happy Family 

Create understanding & stable environment in one’s family






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