Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereafter, the “Company”) respects the privacy of our customers and stakeholders, and strongly recognizes that protecting personal information is one of our social responsibilities as a company. The Company shall therefore strive to protect the personal information provided by our customers as part of inquiries made through the Company’s website, etc., and all other personal information acquired through business in accordance with the following policy.

1. Name of Business Operator

Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

2. Compliance with Related Laws, Guidelines, etc.

This company strictly complies with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Personal Information Protection Law) and all related governmental and ministerial ordinances, guidelines, etc. regarding the handling of personal information.

3. Purposes of Use

This company uses submitted personal information for the following purposes.

1Personal information of those who have participated in questionnaires at exhibitions, events, or other occasions, or other such research surveys

  • Execution of the objectives indicated when the applicable questionnaires, surveys or other activities were conducted
  • Planning and development of our products, or investigations into measures to improve customer satisfaction

2Personal information of those who have visited this company for participation in observation tours of our factories, business discussions, etc.

  • Confirmation of the information of visitors to this company
  • Smooth execution of factory observation tours or other activities

3Personal information submitted from transaction partners

  • Execution of transactions with this company
  • Other business-related contact or similar purposes

4Personal information obtained from inquiries submitted to this company's web page

  • Response to inquiries and transmission of replies

5Personal information of those who have applied for employment or have been introduced by companies such as employment agencies

  • Consideration for employment, and delivery of employment-related documents

6Other personal information submitted through business operations

  • Facilitation of smooth business operations of this company or improvement of its products, services, etc.


4. Matters regarding Safety Management Measures

This company has specified and strictly observes separate "Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information" and other related regulations, to prevent the exposure, loss, or damage of personal data and to otherwise carry out appropriate management of such data.

5. Handling of Consigned Operations

This company may consign the handling of personal information to third parties. In such cases, supervision of those consignees will be carried out as required and appropriate, in accordance with laws and ordinances.

6. Submission to Third Parties

This company will not submit personal information to third parties unless agreement for its submission has been received by the concerned parties, or unless its submission is specified by laws or ordinances.

7. Ongoing Improvements

This company will make continuous efforts to improve its procedures for handling personal information.

8. Requests such as for Disclosure of Owned Personal Data

If this company receives a request from an individual who is the subject of personal information, or a party acting as an agent on his/her behalf, for the disclosure, etc. (disclosure of the subject's personal data; notification of the purposes of its use; revision, addition, or deletion of personal data, as well as suspension or cancellation of use) of the applicable owned personal data, that request will be answered without delay in accordance with laws and ordinances.

To make a request for the disclosure, etc. of personal data from the subject him/herself or an agent acting on his/her behalf, please send a request for application forms to the following e-mail address. We will then provide guidelines for request procedures and the designated application forms to be used. Fill in the required information and submit the application accompanied by the required documents using postal delivery.

Required documents Documents proving the identity of the subject of the personal information (if the request is made by an agent acting on behalf of the subject, separate documents proving the identity of the agent)
Handling fees

Requests for disclosure of personal data or requests for purposes of use: Handling fees will be charged in the amount of the actual expenses for delivery by certified mail. (For information on the amounts of these fees, refer to the guidelines on request procedures which will be provided)

Requests for revision, addition, or deletion of personal data, or suspension or cancellation of its use: No fees will be charged.


9. Contact for Inquiries or Complaints

If you have any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information by this company, please contact the following:


+66-35-226581-4 (main reception)

*08:30 - 17:30, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


10. Matters regarding Joint Use of Information

This company may engage in joint use of personal information, including addresses, names, workplace information, telephone numbers, and inquiry content, with its subsidiaries or affiliated companies within the scope required to accomplish the purposes of use.

Party responsible for the management of personal data

Furukawa FITEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

1/71 Moo 5 Rojana Industrial Park, Tambol Kanharm, Amphur U-Thai, Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya 13210, Thailand

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